Development of the game of any scale — from idea and pre-production to release and further. From casual mobile project to OpenWorld PC Game
You can completely entrust us with the full construction development of your project. According to your requirements, we will assemble a team of the best specialists in the fields of game design, technical and creative development. We will also determine the time frame and the ideal result that you should get
High-quality team management allows us to fulfill any of your requests in an adequate time frame. We will take care of the entire range of development — from determining the artistic style of the project to the direct execution of all the project details



Pre-production is the initial stage of development, in which we determine the vision of the future project, the processes for developing and producing content. We work on the concept of the game, the package of game design documentation, key mechanics and the desired user experience. We create a project development plan, art direction and the first elements of concept art to visualize the future style



Rapid prototyping is a great way to test and find the best ideas and concepts for your project, both in terms of game mechanics and art style, as well as technical implementation


Successful prototyping results in a tech demo, a small prototype showing the main ideas and art style of the game. A tech demo is often needed for presentation to investors and publishers


This is a small, very short piece of the game, which is polished to a shine in terms of technical execution, graphics, VFX and animations. It shows the full potential of the project at a very short distance


The first playable full-fledged prototype of the project. Since it includes a wide architecture of all features and mechanics, our task now is to check, tweak and, if necessary, improve the technical and artistic quality of the product


The game is almost completed and can already be presented to the public. Players can take part in beta testing in order to catch all possible bugs, as well as find ways to make the product perfect based on the first feedback


Finally, the game has reached the release, turning into a high-quality, perfect product, thanks to our team of professionals. The release version takes into account all the experience of all stages of prototyping and testing


No project ends at the release stage. Our team continues to work on updates, new content and new mechanics to increase the attractiveness of the project, gain player retention and monetization

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