We can join the development process of your project at any stage to strengthen your team
Access to additional talent pools and flexible scaling are crucial for companies that want to innovate and succeed with their products
Even when you have a clear project roadmap and a strong core team, additional development capabilities will help you reach your goals faster



Define your product concept, scope, and create a prototype before starting a project. Our experienced producers, game designers, art directors, and technical experts will guide you through the research phase with minimum risk


You can get expert advice and additional technical expertise from our technical leadership team — professionals who develop our talents, share best practices and provide quality service. Our expertise provides the ability to fill any gap in your skills

Quick and Easy Start

You can hire the first people on your outsourcing team within a few weeks thanks to our talent pool and in-team recruiting capabilities. We will help you align your teams, technologies and business processes, and we will fully integrate the team at any stage of the production cycle


Extended Team

You get additional opportunities to expand your team with our specialists. You have full control over our specialists within your team. You get maximum flexibility: interview candidates, make all the decisions, set up your processes and policies, and we will provide flexible scaling and administration

Managed Team

We assemble, at your request and according to your needs, a separate working team, which takes on part of the project development. We share the risks and responsibility for the quality of development.
Share your product vision and project plan, make key technical decisions, and we will provide technology alignment, team motivation, professional growth and overall team management

Outsourced Team

We develop an individual solution for you according to your request, you get a completely finished product.
We take full responsibility for the creation of the team and the quality of the final product.
You provide ideas and requirements, and our team delivers the product.
Take advantage of our experience and minimize project risks

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